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Native Enough

Native Enough is an art-house short film that describes the negative effects felt from external sources and internal thoughts of an Indigenous person. The film stars Caitlyn Murphy-Eagleson and Dave Monday, whose characters are young people struggling with their identity. We follow them as they share their journey and emotions of being an Indigenous person in the modern-day.  
Native Enough shows the portrayal of Indigenous people in the media and how we are burdened and shaped by it. It provides a look inside what Indigenous people feel daily. We see not only the media's portrayal of them but also the inner struggles and thoughts racing around in their heads.    

As Indigenous people continue to be painted in an archaic way, it is up to us to help change perceptions. We are expected to act a certain way but to truly control our own narrative, we have to be the voice that tells the story.

The Fellows

Behind the Scenes

This footage shows the set that is available to Humber students at the North Campus.
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